Content Management Systems allow a domain owner to update pages on a website without programming knowledge through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface. There are numerous proprietary and open source CMSes available on the market and most of them are compatible with our hosting plans.

Understanding that customers have varying CMS requirements, we provide commercial support for 3 open source projects, namely Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Each project addresses a niche on the ease-of-use vs feature list continuum, with WordPress being extremely easy to use, Drupal having an extensive set of features and Joomla, a good balance of both. These projects are highly recommended and have passed our stringent selection criteria:

  • Mature code-base
  • Active development
  • Strong community support
  • Good selection of free and paid templates / plugins

We advocate the open source software model and contribute to the community in a number of ways:

  • File detailed bug reports promptly
  • Provide bug fixes if possible
  • Release open source plugins and templates


Installation & Setup S$600
Custom Template Varies
3rd Party Template Installation S$150
Custom Plugins Varies
3rd Party Plugin Installation S$150
Custom User Group S$50
Custom Field Group S$150
Cost / Page (2 Full-HD screen scrolls) S$60 / page
Additional Full-HD screen scrolls S$30 / screen scroll
Staff Training (max 5 pax) S$60 / hour
Maintenance Package (5 hours) S$375
Maintenance Package (20 hours) S$1,200
Ad-Hoc Web Changes S$120 / hour
Website Layout Consultation from S$500
Copy Writing from S$500