Our Domain Management product includes these services:


Domain Name Registration

A domain represents your identity on the internet. Comprising a set of humanly memorable name to IP address mappings, they allow users to locate your resources on the internet easily.

Customers can pick a name from either a gTLD or a ccTLD based on their needs. (full list of available top-level domains: http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db) While a customer can register most TLDs, domains are subject to availability and each TLD may impose additional restrictions (restrictions on the .sg TLD: http://www.sgnic.sg/page/sg-domain).


Domain Renewal / Transfer

Domain names are assigned by ICANN (gTLD) and various country-code managers (ccTLD). In most cases, renewal is on an annual basis. For supported TLDs, we can consolidate renewals to 31st December of each year, and pro-rate applicable hosting and website management products to a similar schedule for our customers' convenience.

If you already own a domain name, we can deal directly with your existing registrar, providing a smooth transition to our domain management service and a consolidated point of contact for your domain, web / mail hosting, content management and customized software assets.


DNS Hosting

DNS manages mappings between domain name and IP address, much like a phone book with company names and their phone numbers. Common examples include websites, sub-websites, mail servers and document repositories.

In the event of a DNS failure, all resources (websites, mail, etc) relating to a domain become inaccessible. This is why our DNS hosting service is architectured to withstand any single point of failure with subnet and geographic redundancy.


NS Record Management

While a distributed DNS hosting environment is important, we go the extra mile by verifying all NS records are accurate and accessible, and replicated homogenously to all secondary DNS servers. This extends beyond resources hosted by us to 3rd party applications and additional custom NS records you may require.


Mail Forgery Prevention

Spammers may spoof mails originating from a domain, tarnishing the domain's reputation. A tell-tale sign of this is receiving bounced mail notification for something you did not send.

Hackers may work more insidiously, tricking users into divulging their login credentials with links to a phishing site in the message or with a compromised 'reply-to' mail address.

We prevent spoofed messages from our customers' domains by adopting 3 widely implemented protocols:

Sender Policy Framework ( SPF )

This publishes a list of servers (IP address or domain name) that are authorized to send mail on behalf of the domain.

DomainKeys Identified Mail ( DKIM )

This requires installation of a private key on each of the domain's mail servers with which all outgoing messages are signed. A receiving mail server can then verify the signature with a published public key.

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance ( DMARC )

While SPF and DKIM help receiving mail servers identify messages as 'pass', 'neutral' (not implemented) or 'fail' (failed SPF / DKIM test), they do not provide instructions on how offending messages should be dealt with, defaulting to receiving mail servers' configurations.

DMARC advises receiving mail servers on how 'neutral' or 'fail' messages should be processed (accept, mark or discard) and sends daily reports on mail delivery. This provides valuable insight into mails originating from a domain, allowing administrators to correct a mis-configured mail server or report an abuse if someone is pushing spam 'originating' from your domain.



Domain Management Pricing

The following tables list the prices of some popular domains. For domains not listed here, please contact us for availability and pricing. Domain pricing are set by gTLD and ccTLD accredited registrars and vary from domain to domain. While we make every effort to ensure our prices here are up-to-date, they should serve only as a guideline. Please check for name availability and contact us for price confirmation. Additional restrictions may also apply for some TLDs, please mouse over the 'Restrictions' column for detailed information.

Popular gTLDs:

gTLD Restrictions Price per annum
.biz None S$60
.com None S$50
.info None S$55
.me None S$70
.mobi None S$65
.net None S$60
.org None S$65
.xxx None S$180

Popular Singaporean ccTLDs:

ccTLD Restrictions Price per annum
.com.sg Commercial Entity S$80
.edu.sg Educational Instutite S$80
.net.sg Infocomm Network / Service S$80
.org.sg Organization S$80
.sg Local Address S$80

Popular North & South American ccTLDs:

ccTLD Restrictions Price per annum
.ag None S$195
.bz None S$75
.ca None S$60
.co None S$80
.gs None S$90
.ms None S$105
.mx None S$110
.us None S$70
.vg None S$105

Popular Asia Pacific ccTLDs:

ccTLD Restrictions Price per annum
.asia None S$45
.cc None S$70
.co.nz None S$125
.com.au Biennial S$60
.fm None S$150
.in None S$65
.jp None S$180
.nu Biennial S$90
.tk Biennial S$70
.tv None S$95
.tw None S$95
.ws None S$60

Popular European ccTLDs:

ccTLD Restrictions Price per annum
.am None S$165
.at None S$125
.be None S$65
.co.uk None S$55
.de None S$65
.es None S$60
.eu None S$60
.fr None S$70
.it None S$60
.nl None S$60
.se None S$80