Social Responsibility

At Luminary Studios, we are firm advocates of social responsibility and strive to incorporate various aspects of CSR in our business practices.

Employee Welfare

While we don't provide laundry services (yet), employees enjoy a flexible working and remuneration arrangement to promote work-life balance.

Open Source Involvement

Our developers are encouraged to spend 20% of their work week (1 day a week) on open source projects. They decide if it'll be a project the company uses, like Seafile, or something completely unrelated. We pride ourselves on excruciatingly detailed bug reports, insightful code commits and witty contributions in community forums.


On the environmental front, Luminary Studios periodically reviews greener hardware alternatives and service providers. We also show full support for employee-led initiatives to protect the environment, including low/no meat diets, upcycling, carbon footprint reduction and low-trash output campaigns. 'Bottled water' is practically a dirty word here.


Understanding that industrial know-how is often more valuable than cold-hard cash, we have continued to provide IT support to select non-profit organizations and a Singapore-based CSR consultancy, Global Causeways.